Ross is currently setting up intensive 2 day courses, on various topics, that will give aspiring professionals a solid start towards understanding Commercial Photography. This knowledge can then be applied in their own work. The core of every course is a wholistic approach to all aspects of a strong professional process. These courses are designed to teach photographers who have: no post secondary education, some post secondary education, graduates, and professionals interested in upgrading their photography and business skills.


Each course includes such topics as:


                                                    Client business process, Industry insights for various regions, and negotiating/quoting

                                                    Editorial advertising, magazine, and direct clients

                                                    Client based Design process and theory

                                                    Gallery Analysis of images

                                                    Imagination exercises

                                                    Lighting theory, Lightmeters and Lighting tools

                                                    Shoot process

                                                    Photoshop complete post process from RAW files to finished image


All courses are based on client-down design: they start with the client, then subject (content), then feeling (message), then design based on visual language.


Ross' courses have been described as immersion, and involve the class plunging directly into the process while shooting on location or in studio. Students will discover technical solutions from their own designs, as dictated by Visual Analysis, and will learn how to teach themselves into the future.


Great emphasis is placed on learning to see photographically, and Visual Analysis of strong images for design and photography tools. This analysis then is applied to the concepts, to determine the photographic tools required to actualize the designs.


The Visual Analysis also fosters what Ross refers to as “Tasting” - a pre-intellectual process of visual appreciation/comprehension, essential to design, that is slowly being lost. His goal as a teacher is to give you the skills and tools to voice your own creativity, instead of just imitating what others are doing.



If you would like more information about Ross' courses, please go to the CONTACT page and drop him an email. Please include any relevant Design/Photography education you may have, and what type of Commercial photography you are interested in.




"Design: starts with feeling, utilizes visual language, which drives the design, and leads to a feeling response in the viewer."


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